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Physiotherapy treats several acute and chronic musculoskeletal ailments, as well as other chronic diseases and organic disorders.

Physiotherapy interventions relieve pain and swelling; strengthen muscles and improve flexibility; train balance and coordination; improve overall body condition and are the basis for optimizing activity of daily life.


A precise assessment and an appropriate treatment plan are the basis for effective relief of complaints.


Mobile physiotherapy

Activity fields: geriatrics, orthopedics and neurology.


Manual lymphatic drainage

Some therapeutic indications: edema, heavy legs, pregnancy swelling, lymphedema (e.g. after breast surgery), postoperative edema, cellulite and localized fat deposits etc.


Swedish massage

Some therapeutic indications: back pain and stiff neck, muscle tension, headache and migraine, circulatory disorders etc. 


Craniosacral therapy

Some therapeutic indications: dysfunctions of the nervous systemheadache and migraine; disorders in temporomandibular joint; insomnia / chronic fatigue; pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) , menstrual / menopause disorders; anxiety, stress, depression and other emotional issues etc. 


Shiatsu therapy

Some therapeutic indications: acute and chronic muscle, articular or nerve painhigh blood pressure; gastritis, constipation and other digestive disorders; strengthening of the immunological system; health and wellness promotion etc.

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